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gettin' me some words on this 'ere page me lad.

passionCommunity Poetry06/09/13 7:36
my dream of usCommunity Poetry06/09/13 7:35
somewhere something somehowCommunity Poetry06/02/13 19:57
Easy 'A'Community Poetry03/16/13 21:33
9/11Community Poetry03/09/13 8:00
make the most of passionCommunity Poetry02/19/13 19:39
the card gameCommunity Poetry12/23/12 18:26
we are where we are meant to beCommunity Poetry12/21/12 18:42
paranoid useCommunity Poetry12/21/12 18:35
life is like a drugCommunity Poetry12/21/12 18:24
glad for the end of the dayCommunity Poetry12/15/12 18:52
Say, See and HearCommunity Poetry12/06/12 5:51
The MasterCommunity Poetry12/06/12 5:42
hypocritical elementsCommunity Poetry12/05/12 7:58
tom waits voiceCommunity Poetry11/27/12 19:41
one fantasy dream of mineCommunity Poetry11/25/12 13:48
a homeless poetCommunity Poetry11/19/12 20:07
#1Community Poetry11/15/12 21:22
wedding vows (#1)Community Poetry05/20/12 23:55
how to be a rock n roll starCommunity Poetry05/14/12 15:50
waiting for meCommunity Poetry04/24/12 11:51
trusty datsunCommunity Poetry04/13/12 1:15
its all over at 11Community Poetry04/13/12 1:07
my sweet angelCommunity Poetry04/13/12 1:04
the dawn of hellCommunity Poetry04/13/12 0:55
sorrow of AphroditeCommunity Poetry04/13/12 0:51
sarcasm of a butterflyCommunity Prose04/13/12 0:44
who do you love (new verse)Community Poetry04/13/12 0:38
Ode to Nick DrakeCommunity Poetry04/13/12 0:34
energyCommunity Poetry03/26/12 13:20
deep breathingCommunity Poetry03/26/12 13:18
uppers/downers interludeCommunity Poetry03/26/12 13:14
on my ownCommunity Poetry03/26/12 13:01
missing linkCommunity Prose09/28/11 13:30
blood like wineCommunity Poetry09/19/11 6:29
fire, flameCommunity Poetry09/18/11 5:52
john boyCommunity Prose09/12/11 14:46
fumes are pungentCommunity Poetry09/09/11 12:06
nothing to write about... from my empty bedCommunity Poetry09/06/11 13:30
fisher king brought to his knees by evil sinCommunity Poetry08/26/11 9:49
in lesbians with herCommunity Poetry08/24/11 11:39
less thinking, more doingCommunity Poetry08/17/11 4:40
gorgeousnessCommunity Poetry08/10/11 12:57
quantum of solaceCommunity Poetry08/05/11 11:14
drunk indecisionCommunity Poetry07/26/11 11:05
first class ticketCommunity Poetry07/25/11 11:23
Angel/White RoseCommunity Poetry07/25/11 11:04
love me moreCommunity Poetry07/12/11 2:22
i realise i need youCommunity Poetry07/11/11 14:16
orbit of my sunCommunity Poetry07/11/11 14:04
lustCommunity Poetry06/21/11 13:18
master at armsCommunity Poetry06/19/11 15:03
an odd coupleCommunity Poetry06/14/11 13:55
my white roseCommunity Poetry06/10/11 13:19
yellow haikuCommunity Poetry06/08/11 14:18
yellowCommunity Poetry06/08/11 13:46
to kill a mocking bird is a little differet than killing your dadCommunity Poetry06/06/11 15:26
bending bullets.Community Poetry06/06/11 13:29
the last of the rock romanticsCommunity Poetry05/30/11 15:40
soul of the Pirate Chick (part #2)Community Poetry05/24/11 12:24
soul of the Pirate Chick (part #1)Community Poetry05/24/11 12:06
soul of a fisher kingCommunity Poetry05/23/11 13:34
Fisher Kings marriage proposalCommunity Poetry05/21/11 14:35
prophecyCommunity Poetry05/21/11 14:17
from my windowCommunity Poetry05/20/11 13:57
she came home on the trainCommunity Poetry05/19/11 12:07
get past it, all the deep stuffCommunity Poetry05/18/11 13:26
HELPCommunity Poetry05/18/11 13:14
fall from graceCommunity Poetry05/10/11 16:20
solitary confinementCommunity Poetry05/09/11 4:43
er..... what the f*** am i doing?Community Poetry05/08/11 16:54
PoolCommunity Poetry05/08/11 16:38
hopeCommunity Poetry04/23/11 6:55
Death of a Teachers PetCommunity Poetry04/17/11 4:36
DivinityCommunity Poetry04/16/11 7:35
Speech.Community Poetry04/16/11 1:06
French RomanceCommunity Poetry04/15/11 10:29
i got a one way ticketCommunity Poetry04/14/11 15:37
Me + PlatoCommunity Poetry04/14/11 15:34
In Awe of it ALLCommunity Poetry04/13/11 13:43
lightCommunity Poetry04/10/11 9:32
beware of lifeCommunity Poetry04/10/11 9:30
Haiku #3Community Poetry04/10/11 9:24
omenCommunity Poetry04/10/11 9:21
music to my eyesCommunity Poetry04/10/11 9:15
heartCommunity Poetry04/10/11 9:11
everyone is influenced by himCommunity Poetry04/09/11 15:33
pureCommunity Poetry04/08/11 17:44
the lairCommunity Poetry04/05/11 14:39
essence of white guitarCommunity Poetry04/02/11 12:14
the woman across the wayCommunity Poetry04/02/11 5:02
haiku#2Community Poetry03/28/11 6:23
Top SecretCommunity Poetry03/27/11 15:38
find your own meaning. it means something to me.Community Poetry03/26/11 16:08
worshipCommunity Poetry03/25/11 14:42
waiting for youCommunity Poetry03/24/11 14:45
somewhere in the middle of over thereCommunity Poetry03/23/11 14:08
remember and regretsCommunity Poetry03/23/11 12:54
oh, i dunno, life maybe.?Community Poetry03/22/11 12:00
chromesCommunity Poetry03/21/11 14:41
You will leave one, mine is just preparedCommunity Prose03/20/11 2:40
you will all leave one, mine is just preparedCommunity Prose03/19/11 7:36
behind the lust of a deliriumCommunity Poetry03/18/11 11:40
short lifeCommunity Poetry03/18/11 9:45
obviousCommunity Poetry03/18/11 8:03
Who is my G-dCommunity Prose03/16/11 17:50
Silence!Community Poetry03/13/11 17:05
EPICCommunity Poetry03/13/11 14:07
LOVECommunity Poetry03/12/11 11:29
Harlot artCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:41
flavourCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:35
WifeCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:28
square eyes from dusk till doomCommunity Prose03/11/11 10:24
23:00Community Poetry03/11/11 10:16
PYRAMIDS AND DIAMONDSCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:10
failure is not an optionCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:05
indecisionCommunity Poetry03/11/11 10:04
the sheriff and the outlawCommunity Prose03/08/11 14:45
blondeCommunity Poetry03/08/11 3:20
are you readyCommunity Poetry03/04/11 22:27
forgive the coarse language (2)Community Poetry03/03/11 22:02
frustrationCommunity Poetry02/28/11 9:15
smokin acesCommunity Poetry02/28/11 9:14
cars hiss by my window (cont.)Community Poetry02/26/11 23:35
Perfect nightCommunity Poetry02/26/11 12:49
worrier/warriorCommunity Poetry02/26/11 12:47
buckingham palaceCommunity Poetry02/26/11 12:46
six daysCommunity Poetry02/25/11 4:32
AphroditeCommunity Poetry02/24/11 12:38
ZeusCommunity Poetry02/20/11 9:31
Back to LondonCommunity Poetry02/17/11 3:40
I dont Take KindlyCommunity Poetry02/14/11 7:22
In the mind of a depressiveCommunity Poetry02/14/11 7:21
Cranberry JuiceCommunity Poetry02/14/11 7:19
Going Away.Community Poetry02/13/11 10:05
I'll have 'raunch' with that ranch, thanks!Community Poetry02/13/11 9:54
Could the Hero Die? Really!Community Poetry02/13/11 9:51
Could the Hero Die? Really!Community Poetry02/13/11 9:51
Tin Roof of AfricaCommunity Poetry02/13/11 9:48
That Look You Give MeCommunity Poetry02/13/11 9:43
Going Somewhere?Community Poetry02/13/11 3:01
The Moon has SecretsCommunity Poetry02/13/11 2:14
ThingsCommunity Poetry02/11/11 19:32
Thats a dreamCommunity Poetry02/10/11 23:24
please forgive me for the coarse languageCommunity Poetry02/10/11 18:50
Something like that...Community Poetry02/10/11 6:29
JimCommunity Poetry02/10/11 6:02
good old jolly upsetnessCommunity Poetry02/10/11 5:56