These are our Current Contests:

To submit Poetry to our public community and have your poems considered for our quarterly Open Community Poetry Contest for free, go here.

To submit privately to our Open Community Poetry Contest, Essay Contest, or Audio Play Script Contest along with the appropriate reading fee, go here.

To submit Prose to our public community for free, go here.

A few notes about using our public submission system:

  • Please type your submission directly into the website text editor.
  • "Komento Disable" and "Komento Lock" buttons in the website text editor either disable comments or lock further comments on an article.
  • Every article (at lease initially) must be approved by a moderator. Once approved, you may make as many edits as you like without moderator approval.
  • For any and all articles that you would like to delete, please send a request and it will be promptly honored. Go to