workin my bones and the skin around me so i can please you the way you should be. will you punch a whole in the wall so you can look through and see my work. theres a little white fairy dust floating above the mural i laid out for future reference. the mirror reflecting my image to you as the priest of welcoming happiness is just the little bit of your goodness inside of me, i feel like i ought to share with you some of your own product so that you can reflect on what we do for each other. its all good, its all bright lights and angels. i see the mecca in sight just before the horizon, we'll reach it in 5 hours i say - i know its more like 5 years. we all gotta hope and i wanna show you my spirit is there. you give me the strength to support you as you stumble through my doorway drunk on the passion life has thown you, you say its me but you're really travelling. you break your leg, i'll kiss it with my venomous teeth and suck out the pain but only if you promise to kiss me one more time before the fairy dust falls through the painting and creates a dorian gray effect on my skin. please remain irretrievably mine and keep time and space in this quantum.