Growing hotter

Accretionary lahars

Molten thoughts

Erupting monsters

Storm is stirring

Pyroclastic master

Helmeted fury

Harmonic Tremors

Lava slurry hurries

.           .           .

Fiery assault

Lava tube surges

Unstoppable urges

Ejection of erection

Vesuvian eruption

Prehistoric troopers

Crater swimmers

Seductive strokes

Race for a face

In a heated place

.           .           .

Tail fish

Magma racers

Crater lovers

Entry persuaders

Poke and prod

Egg raiders

Life givers

Love takers


Birth makers

.           .           .

Swim for life we did, and won

Each of us beat a million other swimmers, so cool, we should party! Who wants to bring the eggs?