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U.S. of A. baby!
One universal truth is absolute and unchanging.

The past is probably set, the present an opportunity, the future will come partially through our hands but fully because of the Lord's.

The truth is the most important aspect of existence. Actually, it is the only existence. The rest is an illusion that will soon pass away.

Wouldn't you like to attempt preparedness for naked reality when it reveals itself?

I would. Hence, "Soulja4Alethia" --> A warrior seeking, finding, and defending truth, little by little... my perpetual endeavor until this life is over.

* I feel the need to note somehow that the pieces "In the Aftermath...", "Dark Chocolate Addiction", and "Ironic Epiphany" are somewhat of a trilogy. They should be read in that order, for all who are interested.

(Update 09-29-A.D. 2016: This profile is a window into who I was in 2010... things are very different now, but it might be worth leaving my profile as is for record-keeping purposes.)

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