Tell me why

When I’m with you it just feels right

Why you are the sight and the feel…

That makes any place like home

Baby the rich dark chocolate that is your skin

Reflects the solidity corresponding to masculinity

Your essence, your entity

Yes indeed, the solid soul and oh-so-solid body (mmm.)

I need in my man

I love your palms, like warm cocoa butter

Your touch penetrates far beneath my skin

My soul absorbs your nourishing caress

And nothing less

 nothing less

Can ever win me over again

The way you have, my first obsession, my sweet, sweet sin

And Lord I know I did wrong

“Dangerously in Love”? – heh, it ain’t just a song

Cuz baby you’re an addiction

Just as strong as heroin

Your scent turns me into a vixen

 in a fraction of an instant

It takes it’s toll as I’m


between lust and conviction

Passion and intuition at odds with sobering cognition

Yet and still then

I’m left with a heart full of hope

That out of ashes and smoke from a love high on dope we can make a comeback

On something pure, not faking to cope, or losing our souls on a whimsical stroke

Of a tantalizing hand on a heated neck

Supple and breathless and beck-



…Another ride for old times sake

…A ride barely escaped….

And then here you go and pull this mess…

Yea that high feels good til you crash so hard

Hindsight's 20/20 boo, (or at least getting clearer) and I'm learning it

Felt the descent, and somehow still thought you might catch me

But I see you never care to let me down easy

The pattern’s repeating

While by conventional terms not cheating

In truth you are, in word, in body, and in heart

You split two treasures apart

Rarely meaning what you’re speaking

Got all these suckaz eating

Straight outcha hand

Well I’m taking a stand

No more will I, mister man

One day I hope you realize what you threw away

Army boi, you should understand the value of a rude awakening

(Of course that’ll be the hand of God…)

Baby, I still love you, and because I love you

I hope it slaps you hard in the face

Hope it stings like mace, and leaves the bitter taste

Of cold metal

Then when you’re ready to ace, and pick up the chase you yourself began


What your own father called the best thing that ever happened to you

If that ever happens, please know you better come correct

And don’t think you’ve got a lifetime either, boo

Finally taking your advice, tryna move on

Better hope I don’t find someone new…

…But I ain’t gon’ front, I still pray it’s you

05-02-A.D. 2010

revised 07-07-A.D.2010