Here am I
in this new and dangerous world
this place
where people live
under oppression
and poverty
this place
where the sands
and dictators
and terrorists
this place
always at unrest
exhausted from years
of struggle
years of hate...
yet and still
they fight on.
There is home
across vast expanses
of Earth h
and water
So far
so near
vivid, beautiful
in the pith of my mind
in the depths of my heart
that place
lush and rich
where we are free.
And there are you
even closer
twice as far.
I pray
you pray
for my safe return
and soon
But here am I
in this place
where we are fighting on
the oppression
the hatred
the unrest
I pray
this will be the last battle
I pray
twisted minds
sick with lies
will be healed
for I have not forgotten
my people
and I have come to find
these too
are my people
here, in this unfamiliar world
because the world we all share
is bigger.
So on
I will continue
and I will love
as they have never been.
And still I love you.
I will on
to the end...


                               ...the new beginning.                               

revised 03-03-A.D. 2004