"Runner-up in the Open Community Poetry Contest for the period January-March, 2011"-ed.


Missing piece,

Link into me,

Let me be not missing.

Not so blind.


Falling into freedom...

Filling in the void...


Truth in words.


Caress my vulnerable spots gently.

Feel, fill, flit, flounder, fly, flake,


Let the problems of the world,

Not rest on my shoulders.

Point to a path of solution,


Give me joy,

In my crookedness.

My lopsided self.

Allow me to enjoy love freely.

To not hold back.

And to stand strong!

Even if I stumble.

Attract the sun to my foundation,

So that I am warm and solid,

To the touch.

Keep me on the ground,

But teach me how to dance.

Om Nama Shiva,

I surrender to the God within myself.