I am so... thirsty
This is my need:
cut me now
let me bleed
They won't allow me
to lay open my skin
That which begs to flow freely
imprisoned within
I thirst from without
My blood longs to be sapped
Its beauty is hidden
inwardly trapped
a red river invisible
waiting to breathe
as their fear suffocates it
the fervid crimson they sheathe
What drives them to hinder
this blood I so crave
to behold, unleashed
but is as their slave?
Will an interlude come
for my carnal flood?
Tear away my tourniquet
I shall taste of blood
imbibe my vital succus
as it gushes from my veins
my abnegated yen
quenched with bloody rains
not mortally wounded
my end to derive
but to feel the pulse
of my being alive
It seethes in the pith
avid for blade
pierce me, my ally
release my cascade
Remaining self-bound
by the moral code
I won't enter the universal
ultimate mode
To pour out my lifeforce
and embrace demise
is far from the yearning
my element cries
not yet from this body
is my soul to be freed
the aspiration not death
but only to bleed

11-18-A.D. 2003
revised 11-23-A.D. 2005