I'm lonely
surrounded by people and lonely
what is this?
am I insane?
I'm never lonely

thirsty for talk
I want someone to talk to me
talking lays you open
what's wrong with me?
I don't like to talk

wanting to be trusted
but I don't trust
how can I ask for something I don't give?
I won't ask
everyone's entitled to their secrets anyway

just like me...

and this is the path I chose

a desire to bond
to connect with another, emotionally
but I hold fast to my code
which forbids it
Getting too close is how you get hurt

I must watch those who say they are my friends

this is the path I have chosen

I'm hurting
beginning to notice the pain from my wounds
but how can that be?
I'm numb
I'm cold

maybe I'm thawing
no... please
don't summon me out of my icy refuge

the weak
those who feel
they hurt
those who talk, those who trust
mortally wounded
yet they can not escape the need
addicted to socialization
and they're dying

We're all dying

but they agonize
and I go numbly...

...This is the path I choose

07-A.D. 2004
revised 11-17-A.D.2005