A soft mellow star ascends the horizon
            a sphere of flaming serenity; the grace of morning reflected
in the face of a lily’s femininity.

The Milky Way deluges the sky above
            a nocturnal river evanescent; draining into
a crystalline eternal blue sea beneath a fading silver crescent.

In the soul of a forest a silent song echoes
            dancing on the wings of a butterfly; stirring an aura
in the depths of a child’s vigilant, unblinking eye.

Secret chambers of liquid vigor – to a hummingbird
            familiar wells of life – lay hidden within
nature’s botanical gems, alleviating fatigue and strife.
Diminutive aquae cascade from the sky
            a light shower descends to Earth; by rain the air
is pure anew and life is endowed rebirth.

So commences a new circumference of the circle
            continuing ever more preciously to shine; perhaps the very
essences of life… reciprocally beheld in a morning of springtime.

04-24-A.D. 2002
Last revised 11-17-A.D. 2005