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the best bathroom in this building
today when I came in the lights were off
the sun filtering in through the blinds
it felt like a prison cell but then more like an asylum
grey room…
no gray… this time…
and I felt at home
i doubt I’ll ever see a urinal the same again n
they will always have that naked girl pinned to them
the one who was cut in half across the middle
her arms and legs removed
her upper body and bikini skin pinned to the urinal
the intestines resting tranquilly inside
someone got off on that
probably a man
he was very sick
he belongs here now
in this prison without padded walls
he ought to be locked here forever and forbidden to pee in the urinal
cuz he’ll always see that girl there too
You got that, R. Kelly!?
Yea and guess what
Your porn idols hate you
They hate all of you
Because of what some of you do
You thought they liked it? hAH!
They’re professional liars and they got your money
Don’t you look stupid

but I’m not done here
i suppose I am insane as well
interesting how I find comfort in a room meant for such people
they can pee on the floor, and sleep in it, when I’m done here
maybe that will bring them joy
at least it won’t be on a female
this is a room for lethargy in its early stages
i will soon feel the hardness of the floor
and I am too lazy at the moment for padded walls
i’d like to sing now… that I could do
at the top of my lungs
in the library today I dreamt of Beyonce without makeup
with blemishes
she was beautiful
we walked past her as she held the door for us
thank you
this room would be a great studio
but alas, there are normal people outside
people who came to study science
not hear the echoes of a crazy woman in a bathroom
even if it is the voice of mermaids and cocoa butter
*sigh*  -_-
This asylum is losing its appeal
Becoming a bathroom again
the air is brown now, tan
the gray has gone
But I’ve one more thing to address before I leave for the day
Man’s most underrated activity

*smile*; genuine

10-26-A.D. 2007