This knife is sharp enough to make a rainbow bleed

A thousand pieces of ribbon in the sky

Get caught in treetops and buildings

I wonder how she got to this spot so far from where she was

I wonder where these thoughts go when fear shreds them apart

Little girl why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know how you were made?

You can wait by the shore, counting waves

You can bury your head in the sand

You can pretend like he’s the one who saves

You can pretend like you know where you stand

But you can’t run from the one who knows you,

The one who forms your thoughts.

Whispers from the ground rise to meet your ears

Do you believe this is who you are?

Will you succumb to this fear?

The sky is getting darker, I can smell the coming rain

You can run and find shelter,

Or stand and face the pain

Little girl, won’t you open your eyes?

Little girl, I say to you, arise.