The Cooing and Fluttering of Doves


So sweet and gentle they all look in their way

Wondering eyes hugs pile on you to stay

Smiles gone wild as faces find such wonder

Secret stares of a party with laughing sounds of thunder

.                       .

Sweet these feather dusted clouds of tender style

Victories’ and defeats both smelling sweet all the while

Thrusting to heaven their ribbons first and fifteenth place

Happily living with grace in some glorious place

.                       .

We, with our worry, envy, jealousy, anger

Hate, fear, with ego, and isolated danger

They, with their Peace, happiness, and laughter

Wonder, excitement, and loving like a master


Now I understand why we call them Special

Hovering overhead is a halo happy vessel

Earths additives and nutrients for the soul

Who helps who to learn, who helps who to grow


Who helps who to know?



Our gentle moments

Our need to love someone else

Our arms soaked in righteous understanding

Our kindness defining our faces in laughter

Our warm hearts swelling from love ever after

Who is the student, who is the master?


Once I felt sorry for these angels with grins,

How could I have ever been so very wrong?

These Special agents

Of love


The cooing and fluttering of doves