Eyes set on a goal ahead
the destination visible
but how to get there?
conflicting voices
harsh whispers
encouraging words
a blurry line between perception and reality
barely dividing the two
and I must find where it lies
Those who claim to be my allies
one by one they slit my throat
I bleed less each time
as the source grows dry
soon I will be strong enough to live
without this crimson lifeforce
he who is my teacher suffocates me
but I will learn to survive without breath
Though they torment me, still I must persist
even if in the end
it all means nothing
to anyone but this self that retains my soul
I grow stronger
bleeding out and breathless
a hungry wolf, wandering through a dark world
numb to the cold
...perhaps enjoying it a little
But I will not die here alone and starving
I will overcome past defeat, destroying all obstacles
and I will defy all who stand in my way
it has begun
my wrath shall soon emerge from it's depths
it will seep out, a silent wind
initially unseen, but deadly
I will no longer be denied
now I rise to claim my victory
they will soon know my name
and remember it well

07-14-A.D. 2004