This ugly reality takes its toll
on a young heart
ever growing in strength and wisdom
but still in likeness of a child
A piece of your life shattered
a part of you torn away
What can fill this void?
The golden sun that was
her being
has set
You look to the horizon n
where she breathed last
where the tears
red and beautiful
of her final moments
but are fading quickly
You stare
waiting for her to come back
why won't she come?
Why did she go?
No, boy...
look to the color
the color she cried
tears of her last moments
shed for you, so listen
to their words
her words
Even in this time
of great pain
there is beauty
if only you'll see it
Look to the stars
even in darkness
there is light
Receive calm
in your soul
weary and scarred
but healing
and walk on
embracing the hope
of a new sun
yet to rise
but coming

"...Ja ne, oba-san."

A.D. 2003