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Will you cum hunting with me tonight?


Slicked back hair

Skin black tights

Fangs silhouette

Against a looming moon night

Will you cum hunting with me tonight


Lucky for us I’m such a good looking fuck

I dip my fangs in her blood just for luck

She finds ecstasy as I glammer and begins to suck

From the closet dark-out of its night you dart

Your prowling down red lips puckered

Drowning your she tongue deep down and then up her

I hear you whisper lets just fuck her

Half dead drunk and dazed she spreads the way

Giving her mouth the final okay


She falls into bed and into a vamp scratch night

The look on her face half fear half delight

I pin her arms down as you straddle her head

From here on out not a word need be said

Cold gold eyes hovering over her moans

I tear out the panties of this hostage Venus

And sink into the pink of silk and of chrome

With my whale tale penis


Golden diamond eyes lock purring ever closer to my cock

While tasting your mouth I hear her groan from shock

Our strings of blood kisses find her tan open thighs

As your mouth chases them down I hear her call a cat cry

Releasing tsunamis on her flooded thighs

One little kitty wet in the fur

One little kitty out cold beginning to purr


Now it’s our turn to scratch the eyes from the night

I grab hair of the nape for full on rape as you fight

Spanking a pound of round in a dark spot with no fur

I slide into the middle of your night hearing “no sir”

Screaming stop! But I see bright green lights

Twenty minutes later- you’re screaming in delight

Flipping us over using every ounce you pounce

Choking my throat with relentless non-complaining mouth

You know a quick way to make me sing like a bird

Your teeth clamp to my throat

I feel the teeth of your bite

Letting go just in time

To see me spasm

Both in love

With vampire blood orgasms