Pay close attention to what I say
I will sell you whatever you want
but never what you actually need
Call it slight of hand
Call it misdirection
Call it bait and switch
Call it an even drawl in the morality
battle for your hard earned cash
Look here at this pretty girl
Now don't you want this cologne?
Look here at this sports car
Now don't you want this toothpaste?
Look at me talking at you
but never to you as a real person
Which cup is the red ball under?
Pay close attention to what I do
I will show you what you want
but I'll never reveal what you need
Call it deception
Call it deceitful
Call it pulling a fast one
Call it pride's great bluff for the
one challenge you cannot deny
So you kept your eye on the ball
You're sharper than I thought
Since you already played to play
I will take the collected entry fees
and I will now be moving along
My talents are needed elsewhere
Now that you have figure out that
my methods are merely a trick,
then you will claim to be cheated
You'll ruin it for the other suckers