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London, England
More of a Pam Ayres than a William Wordsworth

Could be poems, could be lyrics,
Could be stories, could be nonsense,
Could be wasted words strung out in unconstructed sentences,
Which would be better served from another writers pen,
Whatever they are,
They are here for all to see,
And the name is just a pseudonym
One description of me,
But in order to understand it,
You need to look beneath the first meaning.

This Silence.Poetry05/04/14 12:47
The Little Girl With Grown Up Eyes.Poetry05/04/14 12:22
The Old Man's Story.Poetry05/04/14 12:00
Stillness.Poetry04/18/14 11:02
Beneath The Willow Tree.Poetry04/12/14 9:53
One.Poetry04/12/14 9:38
What Has Been Lost And Left Behind.Poetry04/06/14 17:55
Drinking With Ghosts.Poetry04/06/14 17:52
'Unwanted' Ramblings (Naked and Alone).Poetry09/22/11 6:26
Raincheck.Prose09/22/11 6:23
In FearProse09/08/11 1:30
‘Unwanted’ Ramblings (Dreams verses Reality).Poetry09/08/11 1:26
To Wed Or Not To Wed.Poetry08/26/11 4:29
Night Feeders.Poetry08/21/11 7:41
Roadside LullabyPoetry08/20/11 4:23
BrokenPoetry08/09/11 11:54
Turning, Rising, Laying.Poetry08/07/11 4:59
'Unwanted' Ramblings (Forever the sinner in a world of (s)aints).Prose07/29/11 6:15
'Unwanted' Ramblings (F*** You And F*** You Too).Poetry07/19/11 22:57
Once Upon A Time.Poetry07/14/11 13:02
'Unwanted' Ramblings (Disconnection).Poetry07/10/11 1:18
You, My Dear.Poetry07/01/11 2:35
'Unwanted' Ramblings (Summer in Spring).Poetry07/01/11 2:32
'Unwanted' Ramblings.Poetry06/20/11 12:24
Never WasPoetry06/15/11 11:21
A QuestionProse06/10/11 11:44
She/Herself.Prose06/09/11 7:09
The Show Is Over.Poetry06/09/11 7:01
You Are Now.Poetry05/28/11 3:34
Within The Fading Light.Prose05/16/11 2:18
Consequences of Actions,Prose05/06/11 8:49
I Feel...Poetry04/15/11 3:50
Sleeping PillPoetry04/02/11 11:41
Into the DeepPoetry03/30/11 9:26
'this' and 'that'Poetry03/25/11 14:32
You Were at the Bus Stop.Poetry02/23/11 10:07
Words in Private MomentsPoetry02/18/11 10:53
A Bridge You Will Never Burn.Poetry02/10/11 7:19
My Weeping GuitarProse01/27/11 3:14
The KissPoetry01/18/11 11:44
In a FieldPoetry01/17/11 10:06
The Call.Poetry01/17/11 9:58
RunPoetry11/16/10 11:06
Sitting. Thinking.Poetry11/04/10 12:25
I Have To ConfessPoetry10/28/10 11:13
The Worlds Shortest Poem.Prose10/22/10 12:49
What is...?Poetry10/22/10 10:54
More Than A FriendPoetry10/21/10 7:08
Love Your F****** MoneyPoetry10/20/10 4:02
This Beach TonightPoetry10/20/10 3:34
I Am The DeadPoetry10/04/10 7:41
THE 'UNWANTED'Poetry10/03/10 9:40
05/04/14 12:31