'Unwanted' Ramblings (Disconnection).

Here I am stood and here I stand
In an empty room a bottle drunk dry hangs loose in my hand
The one I used to wash away the pieces of these broken plans.
And the cigarettes
Well they litter the wooden floor
The packet lies with an empty yawn,
It is as bored as I with this night,
It is as dead as I feel within this fading neon light.

I took a chance by coming here,
There was a rumour that you would be near,
But you are far from here, aren't you?
You are there, holding another broken promise.
And I feel a fool for believing in you,
And I am sure there are others who feel as I do,
For one more time you made those words rhyme,
Cos that is the beauty of your kind, making it rhyme.

I will head out on to the street outside,
I will walk with the others, and yet I will hide,
I will look for that man without a face,
Who loiters in the shadows, as that is his place.
He will offer me what I want, as he knows what I need,
And to feed upon me he will, to satisfy his greed,
And I will shake his hand but not ask his name,
Cos that is the nature of this game we play.

And I feel it, I feel it coursing through my veins,
And I need it, I need this disconnection.

I will go to that place tonight,
Where the waves break upon broken shores,
Where many have stood who wanted more,
Where souls are lost and angels will soar.
And I will stand there, I will wait there,
And I will look out to beyond the horizon,
I will look for those 'friends',
I will look for them and I will find them,
And with a hop, a skip and a...
I will join them.

And as I fall and fall, tumble and fall,
I will whisper a silent prayer.