The Kiss

Beneath the stars bathed in moonlight they stood together so close together never before closer than this close enough to touch.
He reached to touch to lay a hand upon her skin to feel its warmth it's silkiness and she felt a surge within an excitement inside that made her feel alive. .
But this was dangerous, this was forbidden, this was 'crossing the line', crossing the line that separates, that divides, that decides the way, the way things are done, the way things should be, the way they should happen.
But they were close, and that moment lingered, enticing them and exciting them and as he placed her chin within his palm, he stroked it gently, he touched it tenderly.
She liked the tenderness, she pushed against, they connected more fully, and they came together, they entwined, they joined, they looked into each other’s eyes, seeking the truth in those eyes, they held the gaze, they hid nothing. Heads tilting at opposing angles, leaning in, closing in, and coming together.
This was the moment, that secret moment, that special moment, a one and only moment.
This was their first kiss.