'Unwanted' Ramblings (Fuck You And Fuck You Too).

Fuck you and fuck you too
An 'Unwanted' ramble dressed as a message for you
Drunken truths spat out in the middle of the night
A knowing clue telling you what I am thinking of you
So fuck you and fuck you too.

My anger wears an ugly face,
A hateful disdain of what remains,
Twisted by guilt, distorted by blame,
An image with a broken frame,
I look around and only see me,
Surrounded by ghosts of who I should be,
It was you that did this to me,
Chained me down and told me I am free.

I tip-toed the tight rope's thin line,
Trying to keep the balance within my mind,
But stumbling and falling, I lost my place,
Stumbling and falling, I fall into space,
Falling and falling, into the dark side,
Falling and falling to where there is no light,
I hit the ground, broken and bruised,
I hit the ground, used and abused.

You ask me to wait, with promises of more,
But I am losing faith, as your promises are flawed,
I turn my back on you, I close the door,
I no longer have the strength to do this anymore,
I wanted you to stop me, but then I learned,
That you opened your arms, and allowed his return,
And now I wouldn't piss on you even if you were on fire,
I would sit back, laughing as I watch you burn.

So fuck you and fuck you too,
An 'Unwanted' ramble dressed as a message for you,
An 'Unwanted' declaration spat in your face,
An 'Unwanted' love story with a bitter aftertaste.