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The Land Debacle
Silver Tongues
Solemn Remembances[Part6]
Solemn Remembrances [Part5]
She Is Poetry In Motion
Gupta Stooges
Wondrous Summer
Solemn Remebrances[Part 4]
All Hail The Heir
A Needling Prick
Brace Yourself
Let Bygones Be Bygones
Solemn Remembrances [Part3]
Hers Is Off The Deities
Say No To Deceit
A Told Dream
Solemn Remembrances [Part2]
The Realm Of Foolhardy
Solemn Remembrances[Part 1]
Death At My Door
Imagined Death
Bearing Futility
My Brother
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
The Brunt Of Demise
Emaciated Tiger
The Injustice Of Justice
On The Verge
Poignant Embrasures
The Rotten lot
A Little Lizard
Wretched Age In Mortal Sin
And So Came The Rain
My Time Is Yet To Come
Sombre Revelations
The Pursuit Of Happiness
An Address To A Friend
Fresh Grounds
The Admittances In Rise
In The Face Of Doom
Say No To Deluge
To Where With This Rat Race
Down The Winding Hour
All My Yesterday`s
This Too Shall pass
New Beginnings
Our Lonely Hearts
It`s All Forgotten Now
Youth And Sophistry
The Last stand
Commends To A Friend
A Romantic Incantation
Dissent Towers
The Torture Of Silence
A Visionary Sunday
The Morning Grandeur
A Morning Rush
All In Good Times
A Dream-thought
It`s Sunday
The Coming To An End
Our Lonely Hearts
It`s All Fogotten Now
The Whineful Tomorrow
In This Vague
The Full House Seeking Faith
The Significance Of A Golden Watch
I love To Rise Above The Rest
The Road Beckons
When In This Waking Sun
How In This Chase
When Upon The Rustling Of The Night
This Is Not All Folly
All In Betterment Course
In The Face Of Doom
In What Darkness Hours
Which Learn`d Old Age
Exulted Relation
When In Drones Of Verses
Nothing Is Ours (A Rendition)
Ode To A Young Friend
Why The Injustice
As It was Then
The Fruits Of Humour
The Thoughts of A Father
The Grains Of Perseverance
Your Majesty
Not Much A Blasphemy
A Herald Of Forgoten Dreams
Ode On Misfortune
The Slow Fall
A Good Day
I Will Lift My Eyes To The Hills
Ode To A Soul Women
Rich Nostalgias
Ode To Youth
The Never Coming Tomorrow
A Noble Politician Song
In Which Pining Thought
All In A Day`s Work
When Love Sails
A Tree Legend
A Twofold Monster
Greenfields Of Harbours
A Herald Of Forgotten Dreams
My Grandfather
I listen In Quite
How Are Pleasures There
I Am Awake
Ode T Fortunate
There`s Something Fresh...
Hypocrisy Forever Rising
The Sins Of Our Forefathers
Heritage Day
When In The Eternal Lines
I Wonder What Gold Of Light
The Becoming Of A Poet
I Myself The Sophistry
Often The Grace Of Thought
Glory And Honour
When In Whens
Last Shakespearean Sonnet
To Youthful Rash
When Upon Stagnate Times
The Fool`s Eye In Vain
The Mockery Tale Of A Solace
The Omnious Bells
The Sombre Send-Off
A Melancholy Trill
Beautiful Panoply
The Garden Of White Butterflies
Lunar Rhapsody
A Mad Black Woman