I`m awake by the breath I sigh
Dissolving in the air like others
The mere conscience of identity
With the culture which is not mine
          I`m awake
By the expedition of dreams
An uphill battle sapping vitality
With the dusted air some fall
And embold mundanity best
          I`m awake
Contending to sway failure
Defy the odds and outshine
Sparkle like a diamond shining
And be with a clear vision

Valley and mountains opening
To gusting rivers to the ocean
The wildlife of varying beauty
African forests in lusty pose
Define my African identity
Which I hold not so evocative
But my identity I seek
Runs deep with the imagination
Seeking fiction to reality
Painting reality to paper
And like a torch in darkness
Thrives my soul unrelenting
Searching for that spark
Of individualism and vanity.