I stand by the sea

away from Hectic City; 

My heart is all at once free.


I listen to the waves, 

I’m no longer a slave, 

Only for inspiration does my heart crave.


The Sea holds my hand; 

It says ‘Listen, my friend!’


The Vast Blueness opens 

revealing pages in golden ink written.


It reads to me

of Arab traders, Portuguese navigators; 

It reads to me

of Dutch colonizers, then French and Britishers.


It laments

the pains of slaves from Africa; 

It laments

the torments of labourers from India.


It then tells me of great men

who have shaped the future of our island.


At sunset it sings the love of ‘Paul et Virginie’

-two pure souls in an immortal tragedy.


I  pensively blink my eyes,

The sea  stares at me for a while,

Then ,this sea- whisper blows through my hair :

‘Write, write Poet, in your thoughts never be scared.’