Have you ever experienced one of those days when time is what you have and time is what you loathe? Today must be such a day indeed. Peeved.

Walking along these aisles of knowledge used to get me all excited. But as I run my fingers along each cover, I fail to feel the rigour.I feel all numb like I am suffering from a reading disorder. Pumping expectations beyond all measure, intrigues not a soulless-ledger. There must be a book for me! Silent screams.

Perhaps one day these coves of pleasure will be archived like all treasure. Deep seated, likened to one awaiting tonsure. Is how I feel now, deluded and denied leisure? I wonder. I will and must arise to see what is yonder. Maybe, just maybe, it's seasonal rupture. I will not sauce out in terrible displeasure.

None of the books on the library shelves caught my eye. I left rather downtroddened that evening. Set and sure that my mind was half-shut due to the lack of word-drive, I swore to make trip to Kinokuniya, THE bookstore for me, down Orchard Road. Sigh.
"Word, oh word! Wherefore art thou, Word?" I lament with shoulders laden.

My soul-less body trudged on, in search of just a word or a line. "Never each day without a line" so says Don Murray. Each second felt like a whole year without a blanket to warm the cold and lifeless body. But I shall not give up till I set eyes on life's gentle pleasures. So soothing those days were when catchy phrases
encircle me ever so effortlessly, taking me on the carpet of fantasy. These memories keep me strong. Wall's Glass Castle was one such book. Uplifting!

Perhaps it would not be long. It could be soon or now. I shall scoot on in lifelong search. At least life would not be overbearing at this point as I ride on in search of book-venture.