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Dear Friend

Remember how I spent months neglecting you? Then out of nowhere I wrote to you because I was so stressed and I needed to rant

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No Good Deed

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you”

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The Ethics of Friends

The Ethics of Friends: Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?
            I am an excellent friend and confidant. Are you? Unfortunately, there are so many gray areas concerning perspectives and understandings of friendship that right and wrong become blurred and lost in translation. Ethically, I think there are obvious rules most people go by, such as never cheat, lie to, or steal from a friend.

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Religious scruples

I must admit that I am at the second stage of search for what accounts for my faith. Seriously, much of what we think we know is "borrowed". Our environment very much determines our standpoint on things. We can hardly separate our identities from our spiritual faith. For those who claim to be "free", they too are bound by  "values" or "purpose"; these drive home commitment and actions that proceed from thereon.

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Hidden Gem

Educators are like gem miners. They dig deep into the heart and soul of each student to find the hidden gem inside.

Now imagine yourself entrusted with a precious jewel hidden in a lump of clay. You have no idea of it's value, you just treat the random shaped clay as it's supposed to be. 

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