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                I have had much debate inside myself, which has produced itself in the form of procrastination, on whether or not I should write this article. As of late I have been given the opportunity to write for you wonderful people an article every month. Any sort of article really, with no real guidelines other than it has to be good.

Kuleana (cool-ay-ah-nah) literally translates from Hawaiian to English as “responsibility.” It means doing the job that you are hired to do. It means taking care of your keiki (children), makua (parents) and kupuna (elders). It means cleaning up after yourself and respecting the aina (earth). It means personal accountability.

by John Winn

Staff Writer

Hennen's Observer



Ever since man learned to make tools, men and women have sought to enhance their sexual experiences--mechanically and otherwise.  But mankind's fate increasingly becomes intertwined with machines, the definition of sex is being rewritten once more, opening up a floodgate of ethical dilemmas that threaten to reshape the fabric of society as we know it.  Determined to get to the heart of the matter, Correspondent John Winn goes to the heart of the matter--and turns up some surprising answers.

A True Account by Eileen Rush

Like many other Gen-Y-ers my love life has always been permeated with technology. I met my first boyfriend on the school bus in sixth grade. We would play our Gameboy Colors next to each other sitting side by side battling our Pokemon. The next one in eighth grade was too shy to talk to me in person, yet just bold enough to sit next to me in English Honors and he would oh so bravely message me on AOL when he got home. It only makes sense that 10 years of school and a salaried position later, technology would be my wingman.

by Joshua Hennen

NEW ORLEANS Louisiana—Voodoo. The word conjures images of little dolls stuck with pins and magic potions. Being a genuine form of belief by many it has also become embedded in the American popular culture. But what is the truth behind this distinctly American religion as it stands today? To answer this and other questions I decided to go to the “Crescent City” of New Orleans, the center of Voodoo culture, to investigate this topic firsthand. But first, some background information may be helpful.