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SAN FRANCISCO California - After last month’s visit to a spiritual church in New Orleans (see February’s issue online) I felt that a story about a prominent San Francisco drag show would be a good counterpoint for the March issue.  That said I booked

by Joshua Hennen

NEW ORLEANS Louisiana -  One of the many traditions of Louisiana is the “spiritual churches” of New Orleans.  While I’ve heard of these folks worshipping in their own way I have never actually seen them in action until recently.  I soon discovered that their worship consisted of a mixture of Protestantism, Catholicism, African folk traditions, and Spiritism.  In other words, it is truly unique.

*      *      *

As I stood at my pew in anxious confusion, I wondered whether I would be expected to take part in the odd ceremony unfolding before me.  The parishioners had proceeded to crowd into the center aisle of the small church, forming a disorderly line from the lectern at the front all the way to the exit doors in the back.

by Joshua Hennen

Undisclosed Location in Virginia - With a recent mushrooming of paranormal investigation programming haunting our televisions these days I decided to join an investigation group to see what this is all about (both the people and the paranormal activities.)

The site chosen for our adventure by the group leader was at one time a Virginia plantation mansion. Unfortunately, agreements that I signed during the initial briefing prevent me from disclosing the exact location, but the property was historic with a decidedly violent past.

by Joshua Hennen

As a companion story to the article entitled "San Francisco Drag Show gets Rowdy Melee ensues," I decided to give a more or less sequential account of my experiences in downtown San Francisco the night before the drag revue.  So here it goes....

That October evening was warm and pleasant, a perfect temperature to explore downtown San Francisco.  I had been told that a transgender bar on the corner of Polk and Post Streets held a midnight show every Friday.  Since it was my intention to visit a drag revue the following night for a story for Hennen's Observer, I felt that this show might give some additional material to write about.

by Joshua Hennen

SAN FRANCISCO California - After last month’s visit to a snake-handling church in West Virginia (see October’s issue online) I felt that a story about a prominent San Francisco drag show would be a good counterpoint for the November issue.  That said, I booked a flight and made a reservation for “Fauxgirls,” a show billed as “San Francisco’s  Favorite Drag Revue.”

Since the show was booked on a Saturday night and I arrived on a Thursday, that left me plenty of time to explore the city.  So I visited the normal attractions that San Francisco has to offer, during the course of which I discovered that a transsexual drag show was to be held on Friday night.  This one, I was assured, would be “more adventurous” than Fauxgirls.  The more adventurous reader can view the story about my experiences online by clicking on the story entitled, “The Gulch.”