Whether others believe in me or not. I am trying to fix the things that you keep bending. Such as the promises that you never took to consider. I am trying to keep the memories of the beginning because they are like looking at the world with the eyes of a child,it's so beautiful! Yet it becomes inconceivable on how you pour out your rage when I simply indicate the mistakes you made. 
Now look at the mess you made! Now I'm going to have to get the broom and sweep it up until the floor is an ocean of a romantic red. My hands and knees will be black and blue and then I'll give in and into the bottomless pit I'll fall with the hope that your arms will be out and open for me. 
You've never done anything for me! It's always been me! You can't see that I'm trying to be that person from the beginning. I'd do anything for us to be happy, so you're to blame if we don't last but really I don't want to think of that. 
I'm gorging myself with the way things were before. The chapters of us go with the seasons and then with the years and suddenly our youth disappears. 
I'm just trying to hold on because a part of you is still there so I will always be here. I'm a broken record playing the chorus of a melonich song.