The long awaited heat on skin burns off the white blanket,

dripping, transfusing the waking earth.

Filtered through gravel and sand the springs surge forth

with melted snow crystals,

flowing past icicles trapped in the shade.


Everything drinks from this new blood,

sprouts announce the first color,

green glows in patches.

Buds of cherry, apples, peaches swell to the bursting point.

The energy of last summer clawing its way

out of the darkness.


Pinks and whites, fragrant sweetness prepare for

the golden caretakers making their rounds

following the light, dancing,

buzzing in praise

of the lengthening days.


The voices of frogs announce the pond has thawed,

chirping in a joyous chorus.

Goldfish released from their icy tomb

splash in the still brown reeds to spawn.


Flies visit the composting manure,

wet and pungent steaming

in the gleaming rays of white.


I sit and survey the hillside,

remove my shirt and cast it on the breeze.

I absorb the Vitamin D like a sponge,

my flesh warmed through.


I glow as the wheel of the seasons aligns with my soul.