Today, by regular standards, is a great day. I had a pact with Sleep and she relented. I drifted into Dreamworld and had quite a ride. The trip must have been pretty because I emerged quite refreshed and rejuvenated. I do want to hope it is not by chance, but rather, by anything else. By the law of natural selection, I deserve a good break. Thus far, work has been fine. The job is well-tolerated. The giving, a boost. I know not what else to expect but a free-flow to glow and lepak in the realm of the relax.

I left my book at work. But I do have other escapes at hand. Rigour is missed. Adrenalin rushes a memory and trauma, a past hurdle. Occasionally, I veer to experience new happenings for kicks. I really enjoy the space I have.

The weather isn't too promising for Wheeler-fun Day. I must avoid the scorch. Alas, another new episode of dilemmas-on-the-go for me. I miss gathering with my writer friends. I wonder if they are busy with their scribbles and, like me, having an easy day...

My inner landscape is peaceful today. I have not much to rant on about. I am grateful for Murray's efforts in recommending we never let our hair down on dry days; "never a day without a line" is so true. I cannot agree more. However, I need to add that I pen better when I scar. It is so wondrously beautiful a day to frown or be drowned in wallow. Too beautiful...

The sky is one continuous sea of ease, a stretch like nothing I have ever set eyes upon. I don't often have the time to climb up so high to touch each and every fluffy puff. And so it seems I make this blessed attempt this day to do so. They feel so soft and comforting. I believe I once did like I am doing today. Much of my brokenness has to do with the lack of me-time; this feel is so absent, causing my insides to turn on me. Deep within lies my being. The needs. I craze for breaths when I sense my world collapsing and I gasp to keep alive. Nobody can assist me. Just nobody. In recompense, my faculties respond to make full sense of the renouncements of worthy causes. You can only give SO much. Enough! It is time to let go. I need to replace this focus with something else. The search is on.

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