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So here it is the story of a nation

One set on change and self-realization

Yet strife with density and a blatant lack of maturation

Loaded with party fools hell bent on domination

But failing to live up to the people’s expectation

Short-sided in terms of their infatuation

With dollars and “sense” and desalinization

Dare I say taxation without representation?

The birth of a leader, our hope for salvation

He battles the deficit and all the inflation

The morons they call for his abdication

Whilst he battles and toils using improvisation

Hoping to triumph without separation

But decidedly needing the utilization

Of a little procedure called sterilization

To silence the doubters and those filled with abnegation

Maybe then the display of some maturation

The people are tired of constant imitation

And lip-service, patronizing and continued frustration

We want to see progress and stabilization

Not petty bickering and ego masturbation

The current partition is an abomination

And a distant cousin of our countries creation

How about a joining, no an integration

The donkeys and elephants could try fornication

And attempt to rule without allegation

Soon the masses will speak with pinpoint concentration

To those with the voice, the specialization

And the ability to transform, before a decisive retaliation

Act now please or earn your abjuration

Civilizations have endured much acclimatization

With and without proper stimulation

The future depends on your implementation

Of processes, budgets and socialization

Inject us with your intentions, a visionary immunization

To prevent the imposing revolt inclination

Imbue us the sight of our futures revelation

And save the United States, our home, our sacred station.