Why don’t we go through the motions

Once again tonight

And make believe you still care

Once more I’ll bridle my emotions

And pretend that it’s all right

To hold onto to a love without a prayer

Tonight we’ll go out once again

and never breath a word

about how its all come to an end

We will laugh and we will drink

and our friends won’t ever think

That your love for me is nothing but pretend 

Once more we’ll go through the motions

As if it wasn’t true

That you don’t love me like before

Once more I’ll cling to the notion

That love can start anew

Even as you’re walking out the door

Sometimes I think it might be better

If we’d sit down and talk 

about the heartache we’ve been through

But it’s nothing I can bear

Hearing how much you don’t care

And so we’ll keep up the appearance that you do

And then we’ll go through the motions

Once again my dear

And make believe your love’s still true

Once more I’ll pledge my devotion

and pray that’s what you’ll hear

and then you’ll go through the motions like you do