I said leave me alone

And you know that’s what she done.

So I’m driving by her house tonight

Wondering where she’s gone.


Then I’ll have a drink or two

at a bar where we used to meet.

The band will play I’ll drink some more

then I’ll stumble to my feet.


And raise my glass to toast the one

Who forever changed my world.

And will not cry unless of course

they play that Jersey Girl.


I stop for lunch at Waffle House.

Two eggs, a side of grits.

The waitress treats me kindly

Though I seldom leave her tips.


When things get slow she’ll sit by me

And stare out on the street.

I’ll tell that she works too hard.

She’ll tell me that I’m sweet.


She’ll be humming some old familiar tune

as she braids her satin curls.

I may not even recognize

she’s singing Jersey Girl.


You cannot see the future as clearly as the past.

But I should have seen it coming.

I should have known it wouldn’t last.


Tonight I’ll prowl these darkened streets

thinking things that might have been.

I’ll keep on driving aimlessly

till I pass her house again.


The radio will be turned up loud

I’ll give the knob a twirl.

And wouldn’t you know it’s just my luck

They’ll be playing that Jersey Girl.


Sha la la la la la la la

I’m in love with a Jersey Girl