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Eyes sagging like rain-heavy palms

Thoughts are screaming growing and shrinking

Take two pills at once Alice

And see who you really are

From outside the barriers of space and time

Your dreams will carry you far away y

Yet still within the mind

Which is bigger than you may think

Brain craves REM waves

As he sinks deeper into delirium

The wheel begins to slip from

His hands, roads unpaved

Jostle the mind flow; I snap

Back to jagged brick paths, tripping

On the brick and on the lack.

A passing girl's eyes dart sideways against

My gaze – dilated, distant. Unphased

By her uneased vibes,

I drift back to mind-

surrender, Let go, and sit back for the ride.

He flows with the traffic, speeds

When he needs to

Wild wind whistles

He's cruising, amusing himself as he giggles

And laughs at the dance of

The Others, frenzied and

Fast moving pylons grow wider and taller

His head in the clouds, autospeed

Set, music

Loud enough to drown

The grating sound of


Over ridgèd noise-lines painted on the ground

For Drivers, to make them

Realize their fate before it's

He swerves

I turn

Just as the top of her race-car head

Drives itself into my chin, collision, she

Hits hard brick.

A white tornado shrouds her

I scramble to snag falling pages, like money

Sorry, so sorry, I'm a little...

Out of it today. Feelin' kinda strange.

Outstretched hand

That's alright, grasped.

Accidents happen.

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The driver inside your head must be related to the guy who plays the drums in mine....nice trip.

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