Seven years of living under ground
A safe comfort like a mother’s womb
A darkness impenetrable to pain

Seven years of blind ambition
Searching for an emergency exit
Desperate to feel the rain

Seven years of loneliness
Smothering in a stale mold
A unfathomable dank chill

Seven years of gritting teeth
Clawing in a frenzy
Held against my strongest will

Earth still fresh from tunneling
A battered frantic scout

Felt the warm sun briefly
Frightened by a shadow of doubt

Will burrow deep this time
Tap the dirt hard after I’ve fled

I’ll tunnel underground once more
Licking old wounds from which I bled

I can’t return to Gobbler’s Knob
For now the damage is done
And now and forevermore
The bright blue sky I’ll shun

For it’s never more than an illusion
A mirage for an unquenchable thirst

Living in my loneliness
Still parched and forever cursed

Seven years or more this time
I’ll dull the pain once more
Paying for a scarlet letter crime
I’m left rotten to the core

Good-bye old friend
Will miss your smile
Perhaps we’ll try again

In another lifetime perhaps
Repeated mistakes we’ll mend