Musical revolution

   The notes falling upwards

Lyrical evolution

  Beyond moving forward

Creativity breaching

  Stretching the imagination

Indirectly teaching

  Through rythyms fascination

Wisdom and innocence

  Breathed out in sweet tones

Soulful variance

  Meant for me alone.

Plucking at my heart strings,

  Drumming out my soul,

Putting a voice to the everythings,

  That I have always known,

Spontaneous movement,

  My body beats a four-four,

Spiritual improvement,

  Dances me across the floor,

Stockpiling beats,

  To replay in my head,

Bass thumping heat,

  For warmth in my bed,

Instrumentally gratified,

  But up one more decibal,

Melodically satisfied,

  Belting out the notes for all,

Impressively versatile,

  You slow down my heart,

Reciting with style,

  The romance of art,

Wake me up in the morning,

  Lay me down to sleep,

Get me through the day,

  And say you're mine to keep.

Ok Go