Life is a closet of experiences. You may choose to reveal or choose to conceal. Whatever the choice, you call the shots.
Quite often we hit the roof in life when challenged in areas we find most uncomfortable. No one can truly claim ignorance in life's decisions. Decisions are always indicators of what lies deep within.

Often times we flip when we get uninvited comments on our inflated self-images. Our egos disallow even the smallest strain. But if we but sit and do some serious introspection, we will rediscover the essentials to our co-existence with others. Strange as it may sound, life has never been more complete with lies that hoodwink us all. I truly think that each decision we so choose to make, or have made, happen because that is who we really are.

Daniel Pink has spoken about what humanly drives a person in life --- a sense of belonging, the need for autonomy, our need to seek mastery and how purpose can propel us forward to get things done. At different junctures of our lives, we have different needs. Upon maturity, one cannot deny responsibility over one's actions. With a minority who may fault their genetic tapestry, the rest of us need to carry our own crosses with more awareness. So as we mature unto whom we truly are, we need to take cognizance of sign-markers. Perhaps like the weather-vane, we need to work alongside the laws of nature to allow for the tide of life to lap us through. The less we resist, the more we can clearly envision the sights we are shown so that our direction becomes less obscure and fearful. Sometimes it is just the urge in us to say no to everything that gets a little rough. If our sails can only trap the winds the tides bring, then perhaps, life would not seem such a pain. When the winds switch course, our sailboats need to be calm to avoid unnecessary turbulance.

Is pain part of this equation? I wonder lots. It could be a play of perception and deception can at times cause many to be lost in life's inception. Wry as things can become, as shared, it need not be difficult and unwelcomed:

Signed and mark-ed our visions
Clearly through glass can our incisions make;
Of true valour and honour
When we partake
We are fully awake
Not dead
Creamed decisions are at stake
When a detour we might take,
Till the stations we journey through
Calm and riddened
No living moment
Ever at stake

It is the time when we say we want to take part in life's play. Shakespeare himself would approve that we take each step with no reprove. Life, indeed, is a closet. Mine no more, no less. What I have decided to reveal, hopefully? Is one of truimph and appeal. Not always do I feel so whole, so happy like I-am-real.

I think it is a day worth the celebration because I love my "tinker tank" though not perfect but it is solid. So who am I? A sharer of life, that's who. Of decisions big and small, I enjoy life for what it's called. Never hankering but always joyful, and thankful for whatever scalds received. Plenty more to experience I know, but I am alright as standards go. What lies within, indeed I am grateful be, Father still stands by me. I cannot as yet stand proud as I do know there is a cloud. One day at a time I live, till I see His Face again.