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on a log I sit

tree fallen trunk split

once standing the tallest

before free falling in the forest

to the ground

made a sound as it hits

now soft wood rotting

life sprouting often

termites hollowing

sprawling spiders swallowing

the creepy crawlers crawling

bear claw tearing at the bark mauling

dark I sit solemn

here in the forest, thought sparking

loud, I hear the birds calling

words simply falling off my lips

dogs barking

I continue marking

near the city park I hear cars parking

I watch an ant embarking on her journey

I draw my knife sharpened

begin carving

I notice a squirrel starving

softly, I call but he scurrires away chirping

snake lurking

stream flowing towards the lake slurping

weary on the log I sit

my wrist begins hurting

I keep my pen turning

mind churning

thoughts storming

words forming

student of the forest learning

sun beams burning

a frog hops into the puddle burping

quick, make a subtle wish

on the log I sit conforming to nature

patient, I lift my pen concerning

as beauty dissapates into the fog

I sneeze, steam in the breeze

I hate the city smog

human beings

hog machines spilling oil into the stream

killing things

waste mutating multiple animal breeds

crushing the dream

corrupting the green

deducting the scene

on the log I sit mourning for the forest as it bleeds

clearly guilty of my greedy deeds

mother earth forgive me please