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All my yesterday`s are embroiled with melancholy
Reeling it`s hideous head in every juncture of my life,
No glory sought isn`t marred by this to near vanity
Fraughting my optimism hefty toying with me.
Brusque tongues sing merry songs of my falls
Grotesque geckos articulate it with vile sarcasm
Beating the day idling and fossilizing to the abyss
While I brace every morrow delving for change.
How many sacred offerings will it take for forbears
To heed my call,am I being punished for the sins
Of my forefathers;is this caused by a sorcerer
Gunning for my demise impertinent to the aftermath.
  All my yesterday`s are a record not worth annalling
  For they`re full of wretch yet I will keep on fighting.