Ah this irreversible fate is sometimes what it takes

To find thy beveled edge and from the bottom scrape

That undeniable tide it takes the loss of freedom turn to faith

In human row they wait, death mates, of an irreversible fate.


The predator swears it was a crime of passion

Victim screamed rape, with lots of fighting action

The badge spun spiral copper tip into the final splat

The perp inside outline, secured in yellow tape with black


She stands before the culprit, surprised in how she reacts

Now the law she lives with, for her vengeful innocent act

In court admission to a fight and terrible lovers spat

This honeymoon groom was married and died

In his tuxedo death camp black


Ah, this innocent lover’s fate, sometimes it just takes

Breaking the hearts that pledge, to never let love escape

That undeniable tide it takes this loss of loss without ones faith

In human row she waits, innocent death mate, of an irreversible fate