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I guess I just never wanted to believe that you were

Not enough.

Willing to sacrifice whatever I needed to

Just to hold your hand

Watch you smile

Watch you dream

Watch you fall

And help you back up again.


Even when the days were lonely

And my heart ached for who you were


I still believed we could find our way


That it was enough somehow

To love you with all I had.

That you could be loved back to life,

Loved back to my arms,

Loved back to happiness.


I thought if I just stood by,

Sometimes in the shadows,

If I just believed in you and me,

You’d turn around one day and

See me

Standing there

Waiting for you

To believe in us again.


I still looked at you and saw

The boy

That shared my dreams

The boy

Intoxicated in my presence

The boy

Who tried to run but always found

That the path

Led right back

To me.


I’ll never fully understand

How you could


How you could leave

The one person who would do

Anything for you…

Anything for your happiness.

The girl who would have given it all up

Just to see you smile.


So I let you go,

Like the Giving Tree,

My one last gift to Thee.

And my tired heart broke in two,

Like you’d never know,

And that’s when he walked in.


And I can’t believe that there’s someone

Like him in this world…


I never thought that there could be someone out there

Who would be

Just Enough….

Someone happy just to

Hold my hand,

Watch me smile,

Watch me dream,

Watch me fall,

And help me back up again....