Do you know of love these things that swell

These things that scratch the heart

Against the bones of our chest

The marrow you know so very well


If only we could drown our sun in the sea

And float back time on bubbles of that steam

Sailing back to the innocents of our young dreams

Where the sum of yesterdays anointed you my queen


Remember the soft light against the moon

Our breath of youth growing in each kiss

The afterglow of surprise, oh baby even then

I knew your gardens grew in my eyes


And you, oh you, love in spectacular light

Dragging my wounded heart out from the dark

Daring me to look deeper into your passionate heart

How we both broke and cried creating new life


I know the swelling of the heart

I know the scratches against the bone

I know you, the ultimate surprise in life

I know where we’ll go when we die, too soon


Into the marrow of love