1 slash 2 slash 3 slash 4

how many cuts can you endure?

drip drip-to the floor it will drop

let the blood flow baby please don't stop.


will it be arm or will it be thigh?

maybe the wrist or a place untried?

you're running out of spots anyone can see

you'll be creative and find a new place to bleed.


sneak off to the bathroom and use my shaving blade

you'll get attention, guys like their girls filleted.

to be alone one moment you do not dare

needing to be held while blow-drying your hair.


the endorphin rush is not your only pleasure 

knowing the focus is on you with no measure.

and every patch of flesh sliced open in vein

is another bargaining chip for your pity to sustain.


so beware! beware! the slasher at large

she will drag you down and sink you in her scars.

you'll move to escape, but with her exacto-blade she'll lash 

till despair becomes you and your own throat you'll slash.