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Today is yet another day. Not boring nor happy. Just plain. I sit and stare at the ceiling. It looks whiter than I remember it to be. If only my insides were white like the ceiling. How nice.

It is nice to get visits. Especially visits from those we love. At times we have to make visits ourselves. Some visits are plain as hell. You wish you never did but it is way too late. Like those outings with so-called friends you hook up with? They end as soon as you meet. You wish you were stronger to walk away. Life is what you make of it so the saying goes. Really?

Lydia came. Love her. Her eyes. They stay where you want them to. They take you where you want to go! Never a dull moment. Love them. So where do we go from here? Just through seasons, the kinds that cheer. I know them from before. This feel. This chill. Never forgot them. Never did.

The question sails in and out. To leave or to stay? I have all day. So dear is my work. I forget the job sometimes, this job I have grown to detach from with added distaste. I sneer. I revere. Sigh.
So is this the sky? Or am I to take another dive? I am not sure if I will surface this time round. It is near. What should I do? It seems just yesterday I toyed with this
I-DEA to quit and keep clear. But I fail. Yet again.

What ARE the signs? I am not too clear. Perhaps, just perhaps, I am innocent of this tear. The wells are dry. The sky is so high. What else can be sure of and not just PEER?

The night sky is not so bright tonight. I feel I should run and hide. Why? Because Day will come knocking once more, to take and TAKE with such galore! I am sick! Sick of waiting. But alas, it is all going to dust. Talk is cheap. Goodnight to you. Just read.

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