I am your new addiction
The forbidden fruit you can’t resist.
Fighting all your convictions
Planning our next tryst.

Push me against the wall
I seduce you with my kiss.
I warned you not to fall,
You succumbed to my bliss.

You crave my tongue,
My lips, my breasts, my hair.
Let the air escape your lungs,
Run from your despair.

Leave your worries behind,
Paradise is in my arms.
A surprise is what you’ll find,
I’ll keep you from harm.

I pin you against the door,
I rub your pants to tease.
We fall to the floor,
Unzip your pants to please.

I caress your neck, your chest, your ear,
Making my way to your dick,
Your moans are all I hear.

My hands run down your sides,
My tongue caresses your thighs.
The pleasure you cannot hide,
It’s the experience of your life.

I start at the base and move toward the tip,
You enter my mouth with ease,
I notice the quiver of your lip.

Up and down.
Up and down.
My mouth and hands stroke your cock.

Each movement a rush of joy,
Better than any toy.

Deep inside I tickle your flesh,
Wrapped in each other,
Our bodies mesh.

A look of ecstasy sweeps your face,
You pull my hair,
And quicken the pace.

Deep within you feel the hurricane,
Thunderous pulsations like an oncoming train.

Your body lets out a moan,
A quick release of pleasure.
You found an addiction,
I’m your new treasure.

It was the best night of your life,
You softly kiss me goodbye,
And go home to your wife.