And that was the reason she didn’t give up

For he so long ago did

In the forest deep forest they found him

In the ferns where he’d fallen asleep


Who misled him into that forest

And what was it he went in to see?

He said ‘My love I am your river

But you, my love, you’re my sea’


She drove then up to that tavern

Where he often stopped for a drink

But the men said they had no idea

And themselves didn’t know what to think


Who convinced him to dare that forest

And rest amongst nettle and fern?

He said ‘Lads what I’m doing this evening

Shall not be of your concern’


She drove then up to that temple

Where each man’s a grain of sand

But the women said he never attended

And they also could not understand


Who demanded of him retributions

For what horrible family sin?

He said ‘Ladies believe it’s not question

Of morals but rather that of hygiene’


At last she drove up to that forest

Where they found him on that August morn

It was peaceful and poisonous silence

There was peace amongst nettle and fern