The rich are bored with their money,
Yet the poor are still starving.
Hookers and strippers sell themselves to support a family,
And congress laughs and spends money on pointless things.
Thousands of dollars for our "great leader" to go to another country,
While the sick and dying can't pay for a grave.
Beggars and churches collecting to help,
When the government collects to waste.
When we get attacked, we kill thousands of ourselves to get back at the enemy,
Instead of negotiating or ending it like we did Japan.
Riots and protests against segregation,
Yet we segregate ourselves by choice anyway.
We have all these rights, yet most are useless or lies.
Right against self incrimination? Ha!
We'll just arrest you anyway.
The police "protect and serve,"
But when they kill an innocent, it never happened.
This country is corrupt and broken.
Land of the free and home of the brave? 
More like home of the free, the sick and depraved.