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  • You made me smile
    We were really good friends
    We have not talked in awhile
    Our relationship has come to an end
  • Deprived of affection and a sense of belonging
    one retires to a sanctuary of isolation.
    Arraigned by the acute pain of rejection
    the walls become his or her world.
  •                                         spirit,
    The thought of you lifts my 
                                                                y     .           .           .
    It lifts me so high I fly
    But then I f
                    for you bringing m
                           back down to earth,
    But you weren't there to catch m
                               So I hit the ground,
                             And broke my  .   .   .  h . e . a . r . t .
  • I haven't eaten in days.
    Ad days have eaten me away.
    But I guess this is okay;
    For life doesn't need me anyways.
  • Vincent walked on. The streets were never like this. The awareness kills him. Why did he not acknowledge her? Surely what they shared for two years meant something? But circumstances forebade. He needed her to let him go. They were not meant to have met. If he had in someway stepped forward, Mindy would be hurt all over again. Love is blind? Love unkind. Beauty is skin deep. Keep it at bay.
  • I've never been one to judge, 
    But it's come time for your reckoning. 
    Justified injustice of character, 
    Quite subpar. 
  • A ripped shell holds the inevitable
    The lost vow thought unbreakable
    Her swollen core cracking slowly
    Freeing the feelings she thought so lowly
  • Educators are like gem miners. They dig deep into the heart and soul of each student to find the hidden gem inside.

    Now imagine yourself entrusted with a precious jewel hidden in a lump of clay. You have no idea of it's value, you just treat the random shaped clay as it's supposed to be. 
  • Sitting across from you
    While you're dressed in matching green,
    Listening to the sound of your voice stringing together words
    In a long line that doesn't make an ounce of sense.
    "Time, date, day.
    Time, date, day.
    What's your name again?"
    I try to find you,
    but you don't seem to be home.

    I've been here before.
    Only it wasn't you,
    It was him.

    I've already heard the nonsensical ramblings of a mind that didn't belong.
    I've seen the vacancy sign flicker in a pair of eyes
    I no longer recognized.

    I've been here before.
  • I breathe...

    The very essence of me

    Breathes in the deep scent of you.

    You are not my lover.

    I love you, but you are not my lover.

  • My darling soul,

    Let's brave these deserts

    As they are pure and authentic!

  • Through my life I've been through hell.

    Been through bullying,molestation and depression.Lost myself in all the lies I told, never discovered who I really was...am. Its all a mystery covered by a grey hue that clouded my logic tense caused me to make mistakes a regret to this day.
  • We’ve got time.

    Everyone always says “we’ve got time”

    But what is time…

    How much time do we have…

    How can you make me such an empty

    and futile promise.

    We’ve got time!?


    We’ve still got time…

  • I yearn for death in the small of my back,

    Every crack in my bones ache for the pain. 

    I crave the feeling of a blade vertically down my wrist 

    The slipping of consciousness.

  • The rich are bored with their money,
    Yet the poor are still starving.
    Hookers and strippers sell themselves to support a family,
    And congress laughs and spends money on pointless things.
  • You ask if my heart was yours to own

    And I say 

    My heart was broke so no, though my soul I give thee to hold

    Your soul? What could I do with that? You asked as you grasped the small white flame
  • abort your idealistic views. 
    Your physical certainty is lack lustered, 
    Coated with inadequacy. 
  • They said the world is ending but that's because people are so close minded and never bending. Social media has control of people of all ages.  
    People posting this and that but all this will be fading.  
    Who cares what your eating or whose wearing what ; turn off your screen and talk to me front. 
    Movies and music have changed for the worse. 
  • Life is hard
    It gets really hard sometimes
    From small things,
    Small fears, small worries, small problems
    Day by day it gets piled up
    Thought I’ve able to take a control of it
    Thought I’m already okay
    Without realizing that those piles are actually still there
    Until one single thing added up to those pile
    Causing all of them to break apart
    That’s when I realize
    I’ve never been okay
    Those small things are piling up
    To the point where I can’t bear anymore
    Where I fall to my knees
    And my tears break
    I feel like I barely hold on
    I wish I could just let go everything
    I wish I could end all of these
    Is dying the answer?
    To end all the pain I hold in this world
    The pain of incapable of doing anything
    The pain of keep wishing life will get better but never knowing when
    The pain of trying to live with this pain
  • Overwhelmed. 
    These are a few of the words I use to describe myself.